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   China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum
Overcapacity of China’s Industries & Suggestions for De-capacity
Re-balance Road for Crude Oil
Status quo and Perspective of China’s Polyester Fiber Market in
New Raw Materials, Advanced Technology, Innovative Products and
Commercialization of FDCA and PEF: Biobased Building Block and
Pelletizing and Direct Crystallization of PET – CC-PETÒ
Polyester Fibres in Europe: A Challenging Environment with Many
Polyester Production: Energy Consumption Analysis and Energy
Analysing The Global PET Resin Industry: Common Trends And
How Will PTA Market React under Complicated Macroeconomy?
   China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum
Strategies to Facilitate R&D and Application of New Nylon
Caprolactam Market Outlook
China Role in a Changing Road
Perspective of High-end Nylon Market
Bio-Polyamide R&D and its Commercialization Process
Caprolactam – PA6 Polymer – Fibre, Resin: Overcapacity Builds
Performance and Application of YilonTM Fiber
Facing the Future of Polyamide 6 Technology with Plant and
Challenges for China Nylon-6 Industry
Innovative Application Development of Polyamide Engineering
   China International Acrylonitrile & Acrylic Fiber Forum
World Fibres to 2025 – Acrylic Fibres in Context
Analysis of the “New normal” in China’s economic growth --
Acrylic fiber industry review and outlook
Acrylonitrile market in Asia (Intensifying competition)
How should suppliers cope with increasing acrylonitrile
Innovation for survival — Acrylic fiber industry transformation
Perspective of acrylonitrile-based adiponitrile production
The influence on acrylonitrile from China ABS production &
Thoughts about sustainable development of acrylic fiber industry
Global acrylonitrile market overview
   China International Recycled Polyester Forum & exhibition
Analysis on the Origin and Certification of Green Fiber