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    16th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum(2019)
--organized by CCFEI and Tecnon OrbiChem

16th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum comes to a successful close

The 16th China International Polyester & Intermediates Forum, organized by CHTC Landview Network (CCFEI) and Tecnon OrbiChem, was held at 9:00 a.m., 11 Jul, 2019 in Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai, China, with Yufeng Chemical Fiber Machinery and Alpek Polyester® as sponsors. TF Securities also provided great supports. More than 500 participants from leading players home and abroad, including BP, Broad Group, China Resources, CNOOC, Guxiandao, Far Eastern Industry, Future Petrochemical, Hengli, Hengyi Petrochemical, Honam Petrochemical, ITG Holding, PetroChina, Reliance, Rongsheng, Sabic, Sanfangxiang, Sinochem, Sinopec, Tongkun, Xiangyu, Xinfengming, Yisheng Petrochemical, Zhajiang Wankai, etc., gathered to exchange ideas about the polyester chain.

With domestic new refining capacities successively coming on stream, China’s polyester industry is stepping into a new phase of integrity. Following PTA futures opening to foreign funds and MEG futures being listed in the market, prophase researches on PSF and BGPET futures are on the way, bringing the industry fresh vitality. Besides, China is becoming the largest BGPET supplier in the word…

Against such a backdrop, speakers from renowned petrochemical giants, consultants, investment managers and commodity exchanges shared with participants their comments and advices referring to widely-concerned highlights, covering polyester market perspective, crude oil price changes and its impacts, technology frontiers, COTC and its impact on xylene, investments in PTA and PET projects, energy and chemical market outlook, MEG landscape, and pilot innovation of exchange services.

You may learn more details from our On Spot Report.

Conference Paper

Conference Agenda
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