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Polyester Polyamide Acrylic Recycled PET AA - VAM Textile Feedstock Sulphur Other
China Chemical Fibers Association
Abakus Serve GmbH
Aishwarya plast exports pvt ltd
Anshun Science & Technology Development Ltd.
BB Engineering GmbH
Changshu Jiulong Material Technology Co.,Ltd
Changshu SUHONG Machinery Co.,Ltd
Chengdu Rainbow Environment Friendly Technology Co
China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Networ
China National Chemical Fiber Corporation
China National Textile And Apparel Council Shangha
China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association
China Recycling Development Co., Ltd.
Cixi Dongfeng Synthetic Fiber Co.,Ltd
Cixi Jiangnan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Cixi Nongken Trade Co.,Ltd
Danone Asia Pte Ltd
Daying Yuneng Chemical Fiber Plant
Dongguan Tokzin Industrial Co.,Ltd
Dongguan Zhongyuan Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd
Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology
Eagle's Fortune, Incorporated & Phoenix-As
EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen
Far Eastern Industry (Shanghai) Ltd.
Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Technology Co.
Fujian Chengle Lifeng Textile Co.,Ltd
Fujian Jinxing Environmental Protection Technology
Fujian Quanzhou Huanqing Recycling Resource Co.
Fuqing Zhengfeng Plastics Processing Plant
Fuyang Gaofeng Recycling Resource Co.,Ltd
G.E.T Recycling
GET Recycling Co., Ltd.
Giovanni Bozzetto (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co.&
Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Guangde Tianyun Non-woven Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Jofo Industrial Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Zengcheng Fuqiang Plastic Works
Guangzhou Tonghe Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Guangzhou Xiamei Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Haining Best Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd
Haiyan Haili Green Fiber Co., Ltd.
Handan Goldenlion Cotton Machinery Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Advanced Fuchun Chemical Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Best Fiber Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Decheng Industry Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Hanbang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Huachuang Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Jianhao Environmental Protection Equipmen
Hangzhou Pantex Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Weida Chemical Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Yiniu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Yongxing Plastics & Chemical Fibers Co.&#
Harbin Hualun Textile Machinery Works
HAYE (shanghai) Refrigeration Machinery Co., L
Hebei Darui Chemical Fiber Mechanical Co., Ltd
Hebei Tianxiang Nonwoven Filter Co.,Ltd
Hebei Xinzhengyuan Textile Co.,Ltd
Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology Inc.
Henan Huiqiang Plastics Co.,Ltd
Henan Puyang Fengbao Co.,Ltd
Holeader Measurement & Control Technology Co.,
Holite Industry Shanghai Co.,Ltd
Hollander Home Fashions Trading (Shanghai) Co.,
Hongkong Xinxiang Int'l Trade Co.,Ltd
Honko Technical Lubricants (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd
Huangshan Qiangli Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hubei Ruili Environmental Protection Equipment Co.
Hyosung Corporation Shanghai Representative
IHS Global Pte Ltd
IKEA Trading Services (China) Co., Ltd Shangha
Indorama Polyester Industries PCL
Instech India
Jiahua Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jiangdu Yangrui Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Fusheng Environmental Protection Group Co.
Jiangsu Jiaerqi Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Xiangsheng High-Tech Materials Stock Co.&#
Jiangsu Xinhaowei Speciality Fiber Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Xuzhou Chaoyang Chemical Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu ZJA New Material Co.,Ltd
Jiangxi Ganxin Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangxi Richeswin Fiber Inc.
Jiangxi Sanwei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Jiangyin Bolaidi Technology Co.,Ltd
Jiangyin Selen Chemical Fiber Equipments Co.,
Jiangying Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Jiangying Hongwu Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangying Rongwei Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangying Zhouzhuang Jinxiao Chemical Fiber Granul
Jiaxing Fulin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Jinan Yipengyi Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Jinhua Xinrong Filter Equipment Co.,Ltd
Jinzhou Changxin Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiqiang Recycling Resource Co.,Ltd
Kimura Co., Ltd
Kingfa Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd.
Krones AG Shanghai Representative Office
Liaoning Shengda Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Liaoyuan Quanxin Recycled Resource Industrial Park
Linyi Lihe Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Linyi Yucheng Textile Co.,Ltd
Lixian Yongsheng Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Longfu Recycling Energy Scientech Co., Ltd.
Longfu Recycling Energy Scientech Co.,Ltd.
Louisianna Chemical Equipment Co., LLC
Lunnex Chemical Fiber (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Kelaer Washing Material Co., Ltd
Maanshan Lake Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd.
MacMermid Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
MOG-Plastic Co.,LTD
Nanjing Elble Environment Protection Technology Co
Nanning Lvying Plastics Works
National Recovery Technologies (NRT)
New Polymers Plant Senege
Nexant Ltd
Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR)
Nike, Inc.
Ningbo Chenguang Textile Auxiliary Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Dafa Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Zhenxin Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Oerlikon (China) Technology Co.,Ltd
Oerlikon (China) Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai B
Oerlikon Textile Technology (Beijing) Co., Lt
Pantech Corporation
PCI Fibres
PETnology/tecPET GmbH
Pingxiang Lifeng Spinning Plant
Polyfibre Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Polytex Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd
ProTec Polymer Processing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Qingdao Shantai Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Qingdao Yuanfu Trade Co.,Ltd
Qinghuangdao Xinlun Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Qinhuangdao Jinfang Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Quanzhou Canhua Renewable Resource Co.,Ltd
Quzhou Purolator Filter Co., Ltd.
Recycled Fiber Commission of China Chemical Fibers
Recycling Planet, Inc.
Reliance Industries Limited
Rizhao Yaxin Trading Co.,Ltd
S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH
Saiki Automation System Co., Ltd.
Saudi Arabian Flake Plant Guangdong Pengde Branch
Shandong Grand New Material Technology Co., Lt
Shandong Hengtai Textile Co.,Ltd
Shandong Huachang New Material Co.,Ltd
Shandong Sinoter Industrial Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Clean Technology Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Jianghu Titanium Chemical Manufacture Co.
Shanghai Jiatong Superfine Fiber Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Juyou Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd
Shanghai Jwell Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., L
Shanghai Nuoke Chemical Oil Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Qianfu Industrial Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Restone Chemical Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Shengxun Int'l Trade Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Xinpeng Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Yongsheng Investment Development Co.,
Shanghai Zhangjiang Chemical Fiber Machinery Acces
Shaoxing Meilun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Niexin Imp & Exp Trade Co.,Ltd
Shunde Tonbon Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Shunde Xintan Weili Plastics Co.,Ltd
Sijia Plastics Co.,Ltd
SOREMA div. of PREVIERO N. srl
Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H
Suzhou Baoli Plastic Material Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Haosheng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Jiazhonghe Environmental Protection Technol
Suzhou Jinhui Fiber Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Lisida Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Sicheng Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Top Sky Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Takemoto Oil (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Teijin (China) Investment Co.,Ltd
The Council for PET Bottle Recycling(CPBR) and The
Tomra Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd
Tongxiang Hailing Environmental Protection Technol
Tongxiang Huatong Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Vision Textiles
Wacker Dymatic Silicones Shunde Co. Ltd
Wenzhou Yufeng Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., L
Wucheng Juli Fiber Co.,Ltd
Wujiang Yimeng Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Wuxi Huachen Mach.&Elec. Industries Co.,Ltd
Xuzhou Xinfeng Air Conditioning Set Ltd
Yangzhou Huitong Special Fiber Equipment Co.,L
Yangzhou Rongcheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Zhicheng Chemical Industry Technique Co.&
Yibin Plastic Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.
Yixing Bangerte Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
Yixing Hengfu Plastics Co.,Ltd
Yizheng Zhongxing Environmental Protection Co.,
Yonggui Flakes Washing Co.,Ltd
Zeaben Chemistry Co., Ltd.
Zhangjiagang Baotian New Material Technology Co.&#
Zhangjiagang Dongfang Petrochemical Machinery Co.&
Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Wellsun Machinery Ind
Zhangjiagang Jude Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Zhangjiagang Lianda Machinery Co., Ltd
Zhangjiagang Yongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
Zhaoqing Tifo New Fibre Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Anshun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Boretech Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Conyunka Fiber Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Green Universe Polymer Recycling Co.,
Zhejiang Huaxin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Kingsway High-tech Fiber Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Pujiang Changda Co.,Ltd
Zhenglong USA Corportation Guangzhou Representativ
Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Drying Technique Co., Ltd
Zhonglang Environment Co., Ltd.
Zhoushan Dinghai Haixin Machinery Co.,Ltd
Zhoushan Huafu Zhongzhou Textile Co.,Ltd
Zhuji Caotafengye Chemical Fiber Plant
    18th China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum ONLINE(2020)
--organized by CCFEI and Tecnon OrbiChem
Conference Agenda
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