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    12th China International Acrylonitrile & Acrylic Fibre Forum(2015)
--organized by CCFEI & Tecnon OrbiChem

Supported by Acrylic Committee of China Chemical Fibers Association (CCFA) and China National Chemical Fibre Corp., organized by China Chemical & Fibre Economic Information Network (CCFEI) and Tecnon OrbiChem Ltd., the 12th China International Acrylonitrile & Acrylic Fibre Forum was successively held on 18-20 Mar 2015, in Sunrise On The Bund, Shanghai, China. Representatives from leading players including Jilin Petrochemical, Shanghai Petrochemical, Jilin Chemical Fibre, Shanghai Secco, Asahi Kasei, Tongsuh, Dralon, Toray, Sumitomo, Showa Denko, etc., are gathering here to change ideas about market status quo and future.

The conference discussed the status quo and outlook for acrylonitrile and acrylic fiber industry, and studied the fields of carbon fiber, derivative application and macroeconomic environment, with main topics as follows: 1. Analysis of the “New normal” in China’s economic growth -- recognizing, adapting, guiding; 2. Acrylic fiber industry review and outlook; 3. Acrylonitrile market in Asia (Intensifying competition); 4. How should suppliers cope with increasing acrylonitrile availability?; 5. Innovation for survival — Acrylic fiber industry transformation and upgrade; 6. Perspective of acrylonitrile-based adiponitrile production; 7. The influence on acrylonitrile from China ABS production & consumption; 8. Thoughts about AF industry sustainable development in the 13rd Five-Year Plan period; 9. Global acrylonitrile market overview; 10. PAN-based carbon fiber and its production stability & high performance; 11. Crude oil to rebound slightly with supply/demand conflict eased; etc.

Producers, traders and downstream customers had further understanding on the current situation of acrylonitrile and acrylic fiber industry via this conference. They all agreed that there was an adjustment seen in ACN supply/demand structures. In China, downstream ABS and acrylamide segments still have space for development in the future; thus, demand for ACN will continue increasing year by year. However, following the massive capacity expansions in 2015, domestic ACN capacity is predicted to break through 2 million tons/year by the end of the year, which may reverse the supply/demand pattern then. Downstream, the continuous expansion of ACN capacities will make ACN prices return rational, and in turn promote the competitiveness of AF industry. Meanwhile, AF producers are also facing growth crises, as the development momentum is losing momentum and the input into technology development is limited. However, they increase investment in the research and development of new type and modified AF products. With the constant development in derivatives sectors, demand structure for ACN will gradually change, and the performance of ABS and acrylamide markets will still catch people’s eyes. Besides, the conference also introduced ACN-based adiponitrile, a new derivative use, which draws more and more attention at the moment, as well as the role, application and demand perspective of carbon fiber, which is applied in more and more high-tech fields such as aviation industry in recent years.

Participants had in-depth discussion on the acrylic chain industry, covering ACN, AF, ABS, carbon fiber, artificial fur and so on. The China International Acrylonitrile & Acrylic Fibre Forum has become an annual grand meeting in the industry, provide a good platform for market players to exchange views with industrial counterparts.

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Conference Agenda
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