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    The 5th International Chemical Fiber Products Procurement Fair (Changle 2011)(2011)

    Supported by China Chemical Fiber Association (CCFA), People’s Government of Changle City and China National Chemical Fiber Corp., and organized by Information Centre of China Chemical Fiber Association, China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI) and Textile Industry Bureau of Changle City, 5th International Chemical Fiber Products Procurement Fair (Changle 2011) was held in Changle, Fujian on 6-8 April. We have invited about 41 buyers/suppliers from 20 countries and regions including India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, America, Italy, Canada, Poland, Spain, Mexico, South Korea, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Holland, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Algeria and Hong Kong, China to attend the meeting for negotiations and communications, with over 60 kinds of chemical fibers, yarns and warp-knitted products involved. Besides, over 130 China domestic chemical fiber and related enterprises have been present; hereinto, the number of Changle local chemical fiber, spun yarns and knitted fabric producers reaches 65. The leaders and honored guests who have attended the opening ceremony are as follows: Xu Kunyuan, Vice Chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC); Duan Xiaoping, Chairman of CCFA; Zheng Zhiyi, Honorary Chairman of CCFA; Zheng Shiying and Zhao Xiangdong, Vice Chairman of CCFA; Yang Shibin, Chairman of China Knitting Industry Association; Yang Zhaohua, Chairman of China Home Textile Association; Wu Xiande, Municipal Party Secretary of Changle City; Wang Shaozhi, Mayor of Changle City; Chen Jinduan, Director of Changle City People’s Congress; Yan Jianlin, Chairman of Changle City People’s Political Consultative Conference. Besides, some leaders from related departments in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province have also attended.

    With the support from China Chemical Fiber Association (CCFA), four sessions of International Chemical Fiber Products Procurement Fair have been organized since 2005 in China chemical fiber production bases namely Xiaoshan, Cixi, Wujiang and Tongxiang, by cooperating with relevant enterprises, institutes and local governments. Why 5th International Chemical Fiber Products Procurement Fair is held in Changle is that the city has eyed fast development in chemical fiber and cotton-spinning sectors during recent years. Currently, the total chemical fiber capacity of Changle has reached 1.5m t/a, among which nylon textile yarn accounts for around 300kt/a; spinning spindles total over 5 million, with an annual consumption of various chemical fiber feedstock (VSF, PSF, etc.) over one million tons; warp-knitted fabric capacities total 300 kt/a; and local lace market takes a 2/5 share in China lace market.

    After the friendly communications, both Chinese and foreign participants have got satisfactory results and reached cooperation, and most foreign participants have provided samples for Chinese buyers and signed cooperative agreements. During the fair, Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited, Changle Liheng Nylon Technology Co., Ltd, Jinjiang Technology Inc., Lifeng Textile Co., Ltd, etc. have sealed some deals, while domestic majors such as Zhejiang Tongkun Group, Rongsheng Petrochemical and so on have reached cooperative intentions with many parties. Besides, products from Zhangjiagang Xinxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Hubei Botao Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd and some other enterprises that have been able to sign orders right during the fair in the past sessions have stronger competitiveness in the international market.

    International Chemical Fiber Development and Cooperation Forum has also been held during the fair. During the forum, Awarding Ceremony of National Textile Product Development Base has been staged. CNTAC, CCFA, National Textile Product Development Center and People’s Government of Changle City has awarded Changle Liheng Nylon Technology Co., Ltd National Development Base of Differentiated Nylon 6 Fibers, and Fujian Jinjiang Technology Inc. National Development Base of Functional Differentiated Nylon Fibers. Meantime, Zheng Zuying, Deputy Mayor of Changle City, has delivered the report of The Status and Development Trend of The Textile Industry in Changle; Zheng Junlin, Secretary General of CCFA, has made the speech of China Chemical Fiber Industry--Review on 2010 and Perspective on 2011; Roger Lee, Managing Director of Tecnon OrbiChem Limited, has given a topic of Synthetic Fibres Trends & Issues; Zhang Youding, Deputy Director of Synthetic Fibers of Sales Company of Sinopec, has addressed Analyses on Imp & Exp of Chemical Fibers & Spun Yarns in Recent Years.

    Moreover, in response to foreign participants’ requests, we have specially arranged the visits to Jinlun Fiber, Liheng Nylon, Taiyuan Textile, Kaibang Nylon, Lifeng Textile and Jinjiang Technology for them.

Conference Agenda
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